a man in a navy sweatshirt and glasses wearing a bright blue knit hat

A happy Blue Beanie Day to everyone out there today. You can read this message thanks to Web Standards.

I keep a list of links to my favorite accessibility resources from a page of my personal website. Most are beginner-friendly entry points. There’s no better time to get started with accessibility than right now.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global holiday for charitable giving initiated ten years ago. These days I try to support smaller, local organizations aiding and mobilizing poor and working people.

On my blog this morning I highlighted some orgs that touch the lives of people in places I’ve called home: Upstate NY, Arizona, and Tennessee.

I also highlighted the Chicago Freedom School, and the Debs-Jones-Douglass Institute, two orgs I believe are keeping Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and legacy alive today.

I can’t tell you what to do with your money, but I encourage to find out who is helping and organizing in your communities and fund them. I hope you’ll be radical and generous this holiday season.

Urban birding: we spotted an Eastern towhee in our yard this evening.

This is the sparrow whose song sounds like “Drink! your teeee-e-e-e-ea”

Watched Tutankhamun: Allies and Enemies 📺

My household could not escape politics this holiday weekend. Thankfully it was the politics of ancient Egypt.

🥧 One thing I discovered this Thanksgiving: if a holiday dessert (cheesecakes) calls for graham cracker crust, buy the cinnamon graham crackers (or add some cinnamon to your crust mixture).

Exceptions: key lime pie and similar tart desserts.

Crystal Preston-Watson: On to The Next One – The Alternative Twitter

Instead of looking for a Twitter clone, this time would be better focused on discussing potential future social media platforms’ effect on our culture and society and what we seek from them as dominant institutions in the digital informational age…

No Depression: Sam Bush performs John Hartford’s ‘In Tall Buildings’ 🎵📺

A faithful version of one of my favorite songs. Sam Bush was the mandolinist on Hartford’s 1976 album Nobody Knows What You Do, which features this song.

Now playing on the turntable: “Out” by White Heaven 🎵🎶

A friend ordered this and two copies were shipped to him, so I was the lucky beneficiary of the distributor’s mistake. I wasn’t familiar with this Japanese band before, but I am a fan of noisy guitars/psychedelic rock.

a gold or copper colored vinyl record with a marble finish

Matthias Ott: Shitty Code Prototypes

Prototyping with code is my favorite way to build prototypes whenever I want to work with the real material of the Web and sketch out an idea in the browser with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Maybe it’s a layout that uses CSS Grid, a GSAP animation test, or a little interactive component. Whatever it is, I try to focus on the essence of what I want to try out and learn. What I don’t focus on, however, is code quality. And this is where it can get complicated.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my father’s unexpected death.

I don’t have dreams about my father often, but last night I dreamed the two of us were at a guitar shop together, trying out different insturments and playing songs.

Music was one of the many things we shared. I miss you, Dad.

a double exposed photo from the early 90s of a balding man and his young son. the man has a 12 sting acoustic guitar and the boy is playing a miniature 6 string guitar