Jamelle Bouie: Why Republicans Are So Angry About the Supreme Court Leak

When McConnell led the Senate Republican caucus in a blockade of President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court in 2016 and then killed what remained of the judicial filibuster the next year to place Neil Gorsuch in the seat instead, they diminished the legitimacy of the court. When those same Republicans looked past a credible accusation of sexual assault to confirm Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, they again diminished the legitimacy of the court. And when, with weeks left before the 2020 presidential election, Republicans ignored their own rule from four years earlier — that an election-year vacancy “should not be filled until we have a new president” — to place Amy Coney Barrett on the bench in a rushed, slapdash process, they once more diminished the legitimacy of the court.

What’s more, their occasional protests notwithstanding (in a speech last year at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville, Barrett insisted the court was “not comprised of a bunch of partisan hacks”), the court’s conservatives have done almost nothing to dispel the view that their majority is little more than the judicial arm of the Republican Party. They use “emergency” orders to issue sweeping rulings in favor of ideologically aligned groups; they invent new doctrines designed to undermine voting rights protections; and as we’ve just witnessed, they’ll let nothing, not even 50 years of precedent, stand in the way of a sweeping ideological victory.

🎵 Listening to Shadow Planet, by The Cotton Modules

Word Wrap Podcast: Does valid and semantic HTML still matter?🎙

Great discussion with Ben Myers.

Our mission is to make the most usable user experience. And so the way to do that, the secret sauce, is to give the device as much information as possible, to be as expressive as possible about our intent, so that the device has all the information it needs to be able to create the most usable user experience. And that is what semantics is for…

…I believe personally, that expressiveness beats out any other mantra about code cleanliness or anything like that. And writing expressive code has never led me astray.

Want to read: Whole Earth: The Many Lives of Stewart Brand by John Markoff 📚

Told by one of our greatest chroniclers of technology and society, the definitive biography of iconic serial visionary Stewart Brand, from the Merry Pranksters and the generation-defining Whole Earth Catalog to the marriage of environmental consciousness and hacker capitalism and the rise of a new planetary culture…

Discovered via online book event: A Conversation with John Markoff, hosted by the Internet Archive.

Someone in the neighborhood left this out on the curb. The miniature dresser will be a great addition to the kid’s room. Sure enough it’s stamped “SOLID MHG” on the back and bottom.

I left the sewing machine for someone else to take home.

a small mahogany dresser four drawers tall with a vintage sewing machine on the top

I’m canceling Spotify Premium next month. 🎵

I have been buying more of my favorite albums on vinyl, and I still have some of my CDs from the 90s and 00s. Plus a collection of mp3s already in the cloud. Going to just enjoy what riches I have for a while.

Reading the pacifier Wikipedia entry. An invention I didn’t give much thought to before having a child of my own. It’s interesting to read what people placed in babies’ mouths before the rubber/silicone version came around.

This week seems like as good as any for re-reading Erin Kissane’s ‘Ditching Twitter’ from 7+ years ago.

Just setting up my microblog.

I’m a dad! Eleanor and I welcomed the arrival of our daughter this morning.