Seven years since we brought this little buddy home. 🐶

a small black dog with white fuzz on its chin looks up toward a pair of feet in white running shoes

Today I learned that Lowly Worm’s birthday is in November.

Not sure the exact date. If more experienced parents (and kids) out there know the answer…

Jason Li: Alternatives to Amazon: Online booksellers that support local and/or offer free shipping worldwide 📚

Intention vs. Drift

Jason Lengstorf: Intention vs. Drift — Let’s Learn Design Systems, Part 1 Since design systems happen whether we want them to or not, our task is not to decide whether or not we need one. We need to decide if we’re better served by being intentional about our design system decisions or letting the design system drift to see what emerges from real-world use. Most design systems fall somewhere in between intentional and emergent.

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Emily Campbell: Design and Motherhood

This was a hard time in my life. I felt tired, undervalued, and anxious about my visibility in the company. Oddly enough, though, the experience of becoming a mother made me a better designer. I share this because I’ve seen others express concern that becoming a parent will negatively affect their career. Certainly, there are examples of toxic companies that only want to hire 20-somethings with no children or worldly commitments (though why anyone would fund leadership with such short-sighted expectations is beyond me). Parenthood teaches you ways of thinking about, reacting to, and experiencing life that you can never understand until you’re in it.

‘Knoxville, Tennessee’ is a poem written by Nikki Giovanni about the summers of her youth spent in East Tennessee with her grandparents. It was beautifully illustrated as a picture book by Larry Johnson in 1994.

illustration of a family eating a summertime picnic outside a big church

Registered for PWA Summit, happening in October this year.

A free, online, single-track conference focused on helping everyone succeed with Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are something I have been meaning to explore more for years, since I first heard about them. In the meantime, talks from last year are still available online.

I love this business concept: Overnight Website: Hassle-free websites built while you sleep

Not for everybody, but I imagine there are lots of people struggling with their sites who would like to wake up and have something that just works.

Security Checklist from

Just some really great tips for staying safe on the Internet. Use a password manager!

Brian Lovin’s Staff Design project contains interviews with eight designers whose careers have taken them on the individual contributor (IC) track to the highest level. There seems to be an invisible line between the senior and staff levels (in a traditional design ladder) where people are able to choose between the IC and management track. That invisible line is where I want to add definition and context.

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