I love this business concept: Overnight Website: Hassle-free websites built while you sleep

Not for everybody, but I imagine there are lots of people struggling with their sites who would like to wake up and have something that just works.

Security Checklist from brianlovin.com

Just some really great tips for staying safe on the Internet. Use a password manager!


Brian Lovin’s Staff Design project contains interviews with eight designers whose careers have taken them on the individual contributor (IC) track to the highest level. There seems to be an invisible line between the senior and staff levels (in a traditional design ladder) where people are able to choose between the IC and management track. That invisible line is where I want to add definition and context.

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Got a request at work to take down an outdated site. It was actually one I have been after for years (Hadn’t been updated since 2016).

It felt good to forward that subdomain and free up a little space on the world wide web. Nice way to end the work week.

Dwayne Monroe: How to Interpret Tech Propaganda (the case of the machine gun toting robot dog) – Computational Impacts

So, we should agree there is a danger. But it’s not the science fiction danger of sinister machines, free of human control. It’s the danger of remote operated systems, used to harass and kill people while obscuring the source of this harassment and death.

Finished reading: The Shame Machine by Cathy O’Neil 📚

Currently listening to Madvillainy by Doom and Madlib (2004, Stones Throw Records) 🎵

My local library has a great vinyl collection!

madvillain LP spinning on a record player

Zoltan Hawryluk: Understanding Success Criterion 6.1.1: Give a Shit

(parody, not a real W3C Draft…but I wish this was real)

New York Times: For Blind Internet Users, the Fix Can Be Worse Than the Flaws

Last year, more than 400 companies with an accessibility widget or overlay on their website were sued over accessibility, according to data collected by a digital accessibility provider.

“I’ve not yet found a single one that makes my life better,” said [Patrick] Perdue, 38, who lives in Queens. He added, “I spend more time working around these overlays than I actually do navigating the website.”

Want to read Included: Redefining Accessibility for the World Wide Web by Molly E. Holzschlag 📚

In Included: Redefining Accessibility for the World Wide Web open-standards web expert author and presenter Molly E. Holszschlag shows non-technical and technical readers alike that building websites to be inclusive and accessible is good for business, growth, and for people everywhere. She starts by explaining what it means to have a web that is accessible to everyone of all abilities, anywhere globally, and even accessible to anything human and machine. She then tackles how different sensory perceptions can be used to ease human computer interaction. For organizations she outlines the processes, workflows, expertise, and testing needed to deliver on organization goals for inclusive access. And she does all this with a minimum of code, showing the web designer that yes, coding for inclusion is built in to web principles rather than something added on later and showing managers and leaders how their organization will benefit from this inclusive web design.