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Registered for The Jam 2023, presented by Not sure how much I can attend in real-time, but there are a number of promising sessions about web components in this year’s schedule.

a man in a navy sweatshirt and glasses wearing a bright blue knit hat

A happy Blue Beanie Day to everyone out there today. You can read this message thanks to Web Standards.

I keep a list of links to my favorite accessibility resources from a page of my personal website. Most are beginner-friendly entry points. There’s no better time to get started with accessibility than right now.

Matthias Ott: Shitty Code Prototypes

Prototyping with code is my favorite way to build prototypes whenever I want to work with the real material of the Web and sketch out an idea in the browser with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Maybe it’s a layout that uses CSS Grid, a GSAP animation test, or a little interactive component. Whatever it is, I try to focus on the essence of what I want to try out and learn. What I don’t focus on, however, is code quality. And this is where it can get complicated.

Registered for PWA Summit, happening in October this year.

A free, online, single-track conference focused on helping everyone succeed with Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are something I have been meaning to explore more for years, since I first heard about them. In the meantime, talks from last year are still available online.

Word Wrap Podcast: Does valid and semantic HTML still matter?🎙

Great discussion with Ben Myers.

Our mission is to make the most usable user experience. And so the way to do that, the secret sauce, is to give the device as much information as possible, to be as expressive as possible about our intent, so that the device has all the information it needs to be able to create the most usable user experience. And that is what semantics is for…

…I believe personally, that expressiveness beats out any other mantra about code cleanliness or anything like that. And writing expressive code has never led me astray.

Open UI: Solving a Multi-Decade Problem

This presentation by Melanie Edwards and Greg Whitworth is a great introduction to the Open UI project and its goals. Today, component frameworks and design systems reinvent common web UI controls to give designers full control over their appearance and behavior. We hope to make it unnecessary to reinvent built-in UI controls, but for those who choose to do so, we expect that these design systems will benefit from Open UI's specifications and test suites.

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