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Indra Kupferschmid: Evaluating the quality of a typeface

I have long been thinking about ways to better assess the quality of different typefaces…Educators and seasoned designers alike will tell you that “it takes years to see”, but without some pointers what to look out for it can feel really hard to compare and pick fonts.

Once in a while you stumble on a site not using webfonts, just good old Georgia or Verdana. Those Matthew Carter designs sure hold up pretty well after all these years.


Link: Fontshare, by Indian Type Foundry Over on my macro blog last week I wrote about switching from Google Fonts to self-hosting my webfonts. Self-hosting variable fonts is not that difficult, but finding the variable font files from Google can be tricky. If you are interested in switching from variable fonts on Google’s CDN to self-hosting, Fontshare is worth looking into. They don’t have every Google variable font, but many of the better-designed ones.

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