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Neat little dark mode UI feature: The Vivaldi browser (in dark mode) will highlight the favicon on your active tab with a tiny white outline. Looks beautiful with SVG icons.

A highlighted browser tab displays the favicon of NickSimson dot com with a white highlight around it.

Download Vivaldi from

Arc, Firefox and Vivaldi are all fighting to be my default browser this week. 🌹

Is Keybase a thing anymore? Or did Zoom effectively kill it with the acquisition?

Anyone out there still use this app?

I read Matthias Ott’s interesting conversation with ChatGPT last night.

AI chat bots always feel like a parlor trick, but one that keeps getting more and more sophisticated. I’m impressed/creeped out with ChatGPT’s cadence and the accuracy of the information relayed, at least in this instance.

Obviously, we will need good technical writers in the future. But it is eerie to have your own job described to you by a bot.