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How we win our readers (and help them too)

How we win our readers (and help them too) → Bookmarking this slide deck as a helpful resource for anyone who finds themselves in a content strategist role. Bobby Blanchard is the assistant director for audience at the Texas Tribune (where audience is everyone’s responsibility). Discovered via the most recent Upstatement newsletter.

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Log off.

I also think the oft bandied about trope that: to disengage with social media is to retreat to some bourgeoisie bubble of privileged la-la-la-I’m-not-listening, is not only nonsense, but a dangerous framing. In fact, the main beneficiaries of staying with your eyes glued to the Doom Stream are the companies producing the streams. That’s why they’re so seductive. (Not because the streams are righteous, but because the streams are super duper profitable; the paperclip machine will make paperclips at all costs, will enchant you into the Church of Paperclip.

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