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Want to read Included: Redefining Accessibility for the World Wide Web by Molly E. Holzschlag 📚

In Included: Redefining Accessibility for the World Wide Web open-standards web expert author and presenter Molly E. Holszschlag shows non-technical and technical readers alike that building websites to be inclusive and accessible is good for business, growth, and for people everywhere. She starts by explaining what it means to have a web that is accessible to everyone of all abilities, anywhere globally, and even accessible to anything human and machine. She then tackles how different sensory perceptions can be used to ease human computer interaction. For organizations she outlines the processes, workflows, expertise, and testing needed to deliver on organization goals for inclusive access. And she does all this with a minimum of code, showing the web designer that yes, coding for inclusion is built in to web principles rather than something added on later and showing managers and leaders how their organization will benefit from this inclusive web design.