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Andy Bell: The tech tool carousel

I can relate to Andy’s feelings here. I am not always on the lookout for the latest front end tooling. Tools are just a means to an end. I get a bit anxious when I see projects that have more than two third-party dependencies or libraries. Especially when I’m unfamiliar with those packages or what they do.

For me, the best tools do one thing very well and stay out of my way while I’m working on a design. My longtime favorites are Markdown, Sass, and Gulp.

It was important for me to understand what every line of code does on my website when I embarked on a personal site redesign. I switched my website from Jekyll to Eleventy a couple years ago. It was a nice upgrade and (most importantly) I didn’t have to relearn everything I knew about making a website.

Unlike Andy, I do enjoy writing code. I love the challenge of designing something I have to translate into HTML CSS and JavaScript myself. The key for me is writing less code, not more. My least favorite part of the job is updating dependencies or (worse) debugging someone else‘s code, especially if it is not well documented.