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In 2007, when I was still a design student, I signed up to get Emigre’s font catalogues sent in the mail. This was before Adobe Fonts, or more accurately, when Adobe Fonts were only type families designed by Adobe and packaged in a CD-ROM that cost a couple hundred dollars.

15 years and eight address changes later, it’s still a delight to get these little Emigre booklets in my mailbox.

inside cover of Tally, featuring red text overlaid on a Nikon camera

spread of a book featuring a photo of a storefront in Paso Robles, California

This catalog is a supplement to a series of publications featuring pictures of California. It contains statistics and background information from a selection of 479 pictures taken between 2006 and 2021. Displaying this kind of data presents a unique typographic challenge, and offers a perfect scenario to exhibit our fonts in action. So this booklet functions as a type catalog as well.

Emigre: Tally booklet. Design, photography and text by Rudy VanderLans.