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This was a fun one to work on. And it went relatively quick. It started with Jackie, Eleanor and I catching up over lunch in Albuquerque and then a follow-up via email. The email brief:

We are still wanting to work on a website! We do not currently have a domain name. I can certainly do that to get us started but would love some direction on the best way to go about that. We are wanting a basic, easy to navigate site that can also link to our bandcamp page (link below) as that is how we sell all of our merch and music.

We had a working website on GitHub Pages a couple weeks later. And amazingly the dot com was available! Siteleaf is a great experience for editing markdown files. Pretty great way to host a site inexpensively with a good CMS without compromising quality or performance. I still love how easy it is to work with collections in Jekyll. This is also the first site I launched supporting light mode and dark mode.

Check out the band's latest music video: