Michael Scharnagl: AI Writing Code

Writing actual code is, at least for me, a very small part of my job as a frontend developer, and I would even argue one of the least important.

It’s far more important to communicate well, make decisions, be able to adapt. Computers are not good at this, humans are.

Jonas Degrave: Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT

ChatGPT told me a couple times it can’t browse the internet. With a few very specific prompts, you can get the AI to behave like a Linux terminal and do some pretty interesting things.

I read Matthias Ott’s interesting conversation with ChatGPT last night.

AI chat bots always feel like a parlor trick, but one that keeps getting more and more sophisticated. I’m impressed with ChatGPT’s cadence and the accuracy of the information relayed, at least in this instance. It is quite fun to play with.

Obviously, we will need good technical writers in the future. But its eerie to have your own job described to you by a bot.

Lara Aigmüller: How to transfigure wireframes into HTML

This year’s HTMHell Advent Calendar is off to a great start!

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a man in a navy sweatshirt and glasses wearing a bright blue knit hat

A happy Blue Beanie Day to everyone out there today. You can read this message thanks to Web Standards.

I keep a list of links to my favorite accessibility resources from a page of my personal website. Most are beginner-friendly entry points. There’s no better time to get started with accessibility than right now.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global holiday for charitable giving initiated ten years ago. These days I try to support smaller, local organizations aiding and mobilizing poor and working people.

On my blog this morning I highlighted some orgs that touch the lives of people in places I’ve called home: Upstate NY, Arizona, and Tennessee.

I also highlighted the Chicago Freedom School, and the Debs-Jones-Douglass Institute, two orgs I believe are keeping Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and legacy alive today.

I can’t tell you what to do with your money, but I encourage to find out who is helping and organizing in your communities and fund them. I hope you’ll be radical and generous this holiday season.

Urban birding: we spotted an Eastern towhee in our yard this evening.

This is the sparrow whose song sounds like “Drink! your teeee-e-e-e-ea”

Watched Tutankhamun: Allies and Enemies 📺

My household could not escape politics this holiday weekend. Thankfully it was the politics of ancient Egypt.

🥧 One thing I discovered this Thanksgiving: if a holiday dessert (cheesecakes) calls for graham cracker crust, buy the cinnamon graham crackers (or add some cinnamon to your crust mixture).

Exceptions: key lime pie and similar tart desserts.